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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Agoo Tushie Huggers Giveaway!!

Update: chose entry number 35 for our winner of the Agoo Tushie Huggers! Congrats to Aadensmama! Thank you to everyone who entered and passed on the word. Can't wait to get more awesome giveaways up soon!

Agoo is sponsoring this giveaway. We are so excited to be giving away Tushie Huggers. 

About Agoo: 
Agoo® is uniquely styled athletic wear for urban kids. It is functional, fashionable and makes being a kid a lot more fun. It is not cutesy or cartoony. It is what you would wear yourself, comfortable and chic, but for kids on the move living healthy lifestyles. Our key component is our fabrics. They contain a strong UV protected finish, blocking out any harmful ultra violet rays. No matter how many times you wash it or expose it to sunlight or saltwater, the protection is always there. We felt this made an ideal fabric so we developed a complete line that would allow your kids to stay out and play a little longer.

With that in mind,  has become one of the slogans featured on many of our clothes.
Since kids play, jump, lunge, dash, climb and move their bodies in amazing ways, our clothes are constructed with movement and comfort in mind. They go where your kids go, be it the park, school or even Gramma's house; we have something for every kid and every occasion. To keep with the idea of comfort, our fabrics have Wick Away fibers that pull moisture and sweat away from the body, and move it to the surface. No more chills or over heating, this feature keeps kids cool and dry all at the same time.
For moms, we thought Stain Resistance would be an added bonus, so feel safe and rest assured, your kids can do all the things kids do and their clothes will stay looking newer longer. It seems simple when you think about it. All these features in one piece of clothing.
Like any great idea, it is usually brought on out of necessity. We wanted clothes that looked good and felt great. Something you want your kids to wear and they want to wear themselves. We thought kids deserve to look fashionable with more form fitted garments, less boxy styles and performance fabrics with added characteristics. Since being out in the elements is a big part of being a kid, we take great pride in our waterproof Raincoats that keep wetness out and Windbreakers that keep body heat in.
So that is about our clothes you may be asking, what is Agoo®?
Agoo® was the first word my son ever said and for his father and I it was an awe-inspiring experience. From that moment on, new things, events and awareness seems to inspire him to share his new word, Agoo®. Watching my son grow, develop, and have these amazing new revelations was simply delightful. It made us feel like we too were experiencing them for the very first time. So often, we were moved by the delight and exuberance in his eyes that we quickly coined the phase, Having an Agoo®.
We know your kids experience an Agoo® every day of their lives. Be it a new food, a new friend, a new awareness or thought, kids are constantly seeing, feeling and experiencing things for the very first time. Agoo® Apparel recognizes the joy and fun that comes with these new experiences and wanted to provide clothes that give your kids the comfort and style to keep them doing, learning and enjoying all the little and not so little Agoo's in their lives.
We often say: Agoo® is a fresh new experience in kids clothing because our team dedication is to making garments that provide something different and new. We like to think outside the box and ask ourselves what are kids wearing, what do they need, and how do we make it better? Our goal is that your kids are happy, comfortable and asking to wear our clothing. That makes it easier for you.

About Agoo Tushie Huggers: Tushie Huggers are designed for little ones on the move. Be it crawling, climbing, running or dancing, Tushie Huggers offer protection with fabulous function and flare. 

They're great for keeping legs cozy in cold weather. They're terrific for EC babies ad toilet training. They're perfect for crawling on hard surfaces. They're ideal for those with sensitive skin. 

Price of Agoo Tushie Huggers: $25.00

Sizes they are available in: 0-12 months, 12-24 months, 24-36 months. 


Would you love to win a pair of these Agoo Tushie Huggers?
What one lucky winner will win: ONE pair of these Agoo Tushie Huggers depending on which gender you choose. 

How to enter:
Each entry should be in a seperate comment on this blog. 
Each comment enters you another time extra to win.
Open to US and Canadian citizens
Include you email address so we know how to contact you if you win.
Winner will be chosen by
Contest will go from September 24, 2010 - October 8, 2010 @ 8pm EST

Required entries: 
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Now get to posting and sharing =). Have fun everyone!! If you have any questions please email us @

Thank you to all of our fans and Agoo of course for sponsoring this awesome giveaway!! 
~Emily~ and *G*
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