Build your own Jewelry!

Giveaway info

Right now the best way we can think of to handle the giveaway is that after we have a winner you will send the prize to the winner. We'll save on shipping this way. There is no point in you sending it to us and us sending it out, but if its more convenient for you, then we will make it happen. :)

Giveaway form

Item you are giving away: _____________________

Who you would like to open up the giveaway to? (example: US residents, Canada residents, anyone) ________________

Your requirements for those who enter (example: They need to become a fan of your facebook fan page, They need to follow you on twitter) ______________________________

How long would you like this giveaway to be open for? _____________________

Info about the item: _______________________

Price of this item: ___________

Your website: _____________

Include a picture or two of this item.

Any other info you'd like to share with us or questions you have? _____________________

Anyone who runs a business is welcome to offer a giveaway on here. We welcome you!! 

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