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Monday, August 9, 2010


Welcome to our giveaway blog. We are hoping to do more with our blog but for now we wanted to at least just have one since we'll be starting our giveaway in a couple of weeks. Our first giveaway will be a simple giveaway and you will only have to become a fan of the lady who made the prize item and then give a simple guess about something. It will all be for fun but there is an awesome prize that some lucky lady will win. We thought we would do a prize for mommy because most of the deals we find are for your children. We noticed we have about 1200 fans so we thought a giveaway was in order for all of our wonderful, understanding fans.

Also if you are a WAHM and would like to feature a giveaway with us just email us ( If you feature a giveaway with us we will put your button linked to your site or Facebook Fan Page on our site for advertisement for life :).

Em & G

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